Top 10 Home Design Trends for 2019 Homebuyers


Home design trends have really changed over the past decade. As the New Year’s selling season gets underway, home buyers are putting their wish lists together. Here is what they are looking for in a home…

Open Floor Plans:

Spacious rooms which lead seamlessly through the living spaces is a few decades old, but if you are an HGTV follower, you know that this floor plan is still a must-have for any hip homeowner. However, this trend is showing signs of change with some buyers looking for more rustic, or traditional, closed floor plans. The reason for the change; energy efficiency and acoustic issues with open floor plans, as well as the fact that homeowners feel that they have to keep the entire house tidy since no walls are separating each room (no door to close on that messy kitchen!).

Smaller Homes:

The “Tiny House” trend has created a desire for small homes which offer usable space without the massive investment.  There are several drawbacks to consider when buying a tiny home; will a bank loan you money to purchase the house, and where will you place your tiny home? If saving money is the primary consideration, then the buyer will need cash in the bank and be willing to live in an area where land is inexpensive  (no city living).

Indoor/Outdoor Lifestyle:

Home buyers are looking for ways to use their yards as additional living space. Open floor plans work best when creating a seamless indoor-outdoor transition since an unhindered view is great for drawing people outside.  Outdoor living spaces need to protect from weather and privacy from neighbors but still feel open and linked to the surroundings. Vegetation and trellises provide privacy without obstructing views, and a fireplace and water feature is a plus!

Natural Materials:

Natural woods, stone, raffia, and other natural elements are making their way into the modern home. Not only are natural materials and textures on-trend and versatile, but they also bring a much-needed sense of warmth, calmness, and homeliness to any space.

Modern Kitchens:

Gone are black granite countertops and replacing them are cool whites, clean lines, and smart appliances.  Colored cabinetry and natural woods add contrast to the cool countertops, and pewter and gunmetal hardware ad texture and depth to the kitchens.

Green Design:

The popularity of green design and energy efficiency continues in 2019. Energy saving homes include new windows, energy conserving insulation, LED lighting, energy efficient and water efficient home appliances, kitchen fixtures and bathroom fixtures.

Smart Homes:

Smart appliances, plugs, entries, security and much more are becoming a must-have for home buyers.  “Smart homes” could potentially contribute to a greener, more sustainable future — because some of the focus has been on applying the technology to essential issues such as reducing energy consumption in the home.


Walk-in closets, garage storage, and kitchen cabinets are still essential elements.   Better Homes and Gardens offers 16 Storage Trends That are Here to Stay.

Spa Bathrooms:

Home buyers want bathrooms which offer relaxation with graceful design and warm lighting. Here are some 2019 Bathroom Trends You Need to See Before Remodeling.

Multi-Use Rooms:

From media rooms to home gyms, multi-use rooms are a favorite feature for home buyers in 2019. Bob Vila has 10 fantastic flexible space ideas.

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